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Gynecomastia male breast reduction is not an alternative to losing weight. We see many patients who are frustrated with trying to lose weight. Excess fat on the male body goes to the belly and chest and comes off those regions last. Surgery does not manage global fat contour issues. Compromise surgery tends to make breasts smaller, but breasts remain.

I see many patients unhappy after surgery done elsewhere who had expected more than what they got. That is why for my patients not happy with their weight, I recommend weight loss before surgery. Get to a weight you are happy with first. Losing weight is a coarse tool. Plastic Surgery is better used for refinement. Do the surgery before the weight loss results in a gamble. Contour to a compromise on someone with a global fat issue, then lose weight, and if the weight comes off in the normal male fashion, it will look like the gynecomastia has returned. These are a significant set of the patients I see unhappy with surgery done elsewhere. The other set is those who were told incorrectly, that the surgery can can be done instead of the weight loss. That is why it is so critical to see before and after surgery pictures of a doctor's claims of what their surgery offers.

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