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Good afternoon.
Three weeks ago today I had rhinoplasty septoplasty surgery.  The columella  stitched area looks awful.  Just a little inside my nose, but still VERY visible are pea sized bumps on each side.  The stitched area going across, it is clearly a ā€œVā€ and looks like a step.  Very unhappy with this.  I have my next follow up appointment next week,  What can I expect from my doctor?  Can he adjust this?  Could it be just swelling that will go away? Thanks.

I no longer offer this surgery, my practice has evolved with further specialization.

The Columella Suture Skin Closure of Open Rhinoplasty requires a delicate touch. This can be the most visible of the scars that tend to be hidden in this surgery. The shape of the incision can vary from a "V" to a stair step, anything to keep it from just a more obvious straight line. Early after surgery pictures, as I show on my website demonstrate my technique and what my patients could expect of me when I was offering this surgery.

I prefer methods that have minimal swelling and bruising for all of my surgery. Each surgeon has his / her own skills and methods. Doctors should demonstrate typical cases during their discussion of risks of surgery. A common problem is that many do not show early after surgery images. Will your incision evolve to what the doctor did show?  That is a question for your doctor and the time for healing.

I never needed to revise one of my patient's columellar incisions. I did see patients unhappy after their doctor's rhinoplasty and needed to revise that doctor's incision. 

Good luck on your healing.

Hope this helps,

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