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Excessive liposuction can look terrible, especially on animation. How the body moves is important. Results should be based on how we look living life, not just a still photo for some web site, doctor's office picture, or journal article. When too much fat is removed, there is no layer to lubricate motion between surface skin and deeper tissues. Flexing muscles and lifting arms up overhead tend to show such adhesion deformity.

In this case this patient had an extensive Crater Deformity Defect from excessive liposuction.

Extensive Crater Deformity After Gynecomastia Surgery Done in Texas and the Revision Gynecomastia Surgery in Massachusetts. Take your time to look at the videos on how tissues moved after the other surgeons' surgery, then after my revision. This is why viewing movies of how tissues move is so critical in understanding results we can enjoy playing sports, swimming, and no longer being embarrassed having our shirts off.

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