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I am a 6'2" tall male, weight 286, and have lost 100 pounds so far. I have more weight to lose before I can feel comfortable. I am sick of the loose skin on my chest.

Congratulations on the weight loss so far.

Have you checked your Body Mass Index with a BMI Calculator?  That is almost Morbidly Obese a condition that shortens life and badly increases risks of elective surgery.

BMI does not differentiate between fat, muscle, and bone.  Body Fat Calculators can help with the fat percentage and are better at helping define the fat component.

Plastic Surgery is not an alternative to losing weight.  With surgery, an overweight person will still look like a overweight person, just one with smaller breasts.

The problem is that Male Fat Pattern extends around the chest, under the arms, and around the back.  Plastic Surgery is not a good tool for a global fat problem.

I advise my patients to get to a weight / body fat percentage they are comfortable with before considering surgery.  
Weight Loss Before Gynecomastia Surgery can help with the fat, but not the gland.  However, you cannot pick where your fat comes from. Plastic Surgery is also not a good jump start tool for weight loss.  I have seen disasters from patients from other doctors with deformities from significant weight loss after their surgery.  Men tend to put fat on first in the belly and chest bands.  We tend to take of those areas last.  Early surgery and depending on weight loss to predictably change the body is a nasty gamble.  No Surgery Body Shaping Garments are a better temporizing choice.

The male chest can be distorted by gland and fat of Gynecomastia Male Breast Enlargement. After weight loss, loose skin can also be a factor to different degrees. Drooping or Ptosis is a frequent problem after massive weight loss or deflation of massive muscles.  

Posting Standard Pictures to Show Male Chest Drooping after weight loss can help others better understand if the loose skin component is a factor.

Low Nipples Look Strange on the male chest and comes in many different degrees.  The lower edge of the areola should be at or above the lowest part of the pectoral muscle when upright. When sagging is significant, surgery can combine both the residual contours of gynecomastia and loose hanging tissues in a single sculpture.  Male Mastopexy Chest Lift for Drooping Chest or Ptosis can consist of many different Surgical Options for Excess Skin of the Male Chest.  A Short Scar Skin Reduction Chest Lift hides the scars under the pectoral muscles and around the areola.  However, for more subtle problems, the compromise of leaving the loose skin alone can be a better option.

Finishing weight loss before surgery is usually much better than further weight loss after surgery. Weight loss is a coarse tool, Plastic Surgery is better reserved for refinement. This is especially true when tissue sagging is a factor.  Why lift sagging tissue, lose more weight, and see that tissue sag again from further deflation?  

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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