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Body Lift Forum - Loose Skin After Liposuction done in India
« on: February 08, 2011, 06:01:46 AM »
Dear Doctor,

Good Morning.

I have lot more doubts regarding post surgery effects of Liposuction. I am 33 years old female underwent liposuction for thighs, butt, back and belly regions.
I was told by doctor that they removed 6 lts of fat from my body through liposuction. I noticed abnormality of shapes where ever liposuction is done and sagging of body. I am 132 pounds now.
I am not sure if I have treated for traditional lipo or vaser/laser. but assuming traditional because I noticed scars where ever incision is made for liposuction.

After the surgery I noticed that there are lot many things that I am not aware by then for which I have regrets.The Doctor who treated me for Liposuction is Dr. -  from Hyderabad, India. My tummy & thighs are having sagging skin in the area treated for liposuction. Actually I planned for Lipo on all the areas like back, butt, thigh, tummy, lower legs and arms too. but doctor said no for Lower legs & hands. so rest all areas are treated. My regrets are for sagging skin for these areas. as there are two other places for lipo to be done... how should the sagging be removed along with these two other parts for lipo. this time I want to be aware of the defects I noticed. and want to have this surgery done in US by a professional doctor like you. your answers makes me confident about my sagging skin and two other ares to be treated for lipo. please suggest me the best way to overcome sagging and. and how to treat scars caused by lipo at already treated ares. Watiing for your reply and Thanks in Advance for your time.

Have a good Day.

Thanks & Regards

As you have now discovered, Liposuction does not tighten the skin. Residual sagging tissues can look terrible.

Loose Skin Can Be a Contour Factor after weight loss or large volume liposuction. There needs to be an exit point to remove the excessive skin. Stretched Muscle Fascia of the stomach needs to be tightened. Further liposuction will not tighten the loose tissues. Some of the liposuction scars can be revised, others may remain permanent contour problems. That is why looking at videos are so critical to evaluate the quality of results. Check out these Tummy Tuck Videos to see what I mean.

Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty can help manage tissues about the stomach. A lower body lift deals with more global loose skin issues. (However, my practice has further specialized and I no longer offer that option.) We see many patients from India and around the world who prefer my techniques. To minimize travel many start out with our Preliminary Remote Discussion. If interested in learning more, Jane is my office manager.  She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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