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Otoplasty Surgery Forum - "Incisionless" Surgery: Does it Work?
« on: February 14, 2011, 01:53:39 AM »
I have a hard time accepting that something works without good examples before and after surgery. I have seen many unhappy after what some doctors call "Incisionless Otoplasty." Of course those who may be happy with a technique do not come to see me. Yet, when I myself try to find examples on the internet or in the literature, I just cannot seem to find before and after surgery examples showing that it works. Instead there seem to be excuses as to why the doctor is not able to show examples?  Examples such as this Before and After Otoplasty Picture Gallery are critical to evaluating the quality of surgery and understanding the nature of the problem. The value of a technique should also be evaluated for the many different deformities components possible. That is why you need to see many examples of this solution to understand its limitations and possible benefits.

Sorry, the methodology is flawed and the arguments deceptive. Advocates claim less swelling and bruising, yet do not provide examples. On my pages I demonstrate typical swelling and bruising after my otoplasty surgery.  For something to be less or better, there should be some documentation, that I have yet to see!

Hope this helps,

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