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Eyelid Ptosis / Drooping Forum - Evaluating Methods of Surgery
« on: February 15, 2011, 05:06:53 PM »
My son who is 18 years old has congenital bilateral ptosis. It is serious enough that the sling procedure has been recommended. What we are torn about is whether to have the surgeon use silicone or tendon. On one hand,  I have read that using tendon would be considered a permanent solution.  This of course would require going under full anesthesia and having the procedure performed with my son unconscious.   What I have read about using silicone implies it would not likely last more than ten years, thus the operation would have to be repeated.  I have gotten the impression from reading that the silicone could offer a couple of advantages over tendon in that its more flexible and gives a better result in terms of being able to completely close your eyes, but I am not sure about this.  Also,  by performing the silicone procedure under local anesthesia the surgeon may have an advantage of better judging and adjusting the eyelid height to better match both eyes.  I have also read silicone is more easily adjusted and removed if necessary.

First I was hoping if you could confirm, or correct any of the above information I have presented as part of our decision would be based on if silicone does in fact allow the eyes to more easily open and close.   Just as important, based on my son's age and the advantages/disadvantages of either procedure , could you share your opinion regarding which one you would consider a better choice based on his age and the level of risks that may be increased or mitigated by using one or the other.  He is in his first year of college and we are considering having it done over the summer.  I am most afraid at something going wrong that would hinder his ability to start school next fall with full capacity .

Sorry, I am no longer offering eyelid ptosis surgery, my practice has further specialized. I do maintain links to Eyelid Ptosis and Eyelid Ptosis Classifications on my site for public education.

Each surgeon has his / her own preferences. Techniques also evolve over time. For eyelid ptosis, the best results are evaluated with videos of how the eye and eyelid move. This is a dynamic result and rarely demonstrated in a dynamic fashion. When I last looked I did not see others posting such videos. When videos are not available at least views as seen on this page Congenital Eyelid Ptosis showing looking up, looking down, and closing eyelids are at least a starting point. Since making and placing videos is time consuming and difficult, you may have difficulty finding someone who can demonstrate the effectiveness of one method over the other. Beyond that the time factor makes such issues even more difficult to demonstrate.

Good luck on your learning efforts.

Hope this helps,

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