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I just saw on another forum a poster describing how "great" a certain surgeon's result were. The individual had lost a great deal of weight. I could not find a single example on that doctor's website of before and after pictures of someone who lost a great deal of weight. In addition the posted images were only a frontal and one oblique before and after. Only 2 views says little about the problem and solution.

Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement contour problems come in many different forms. A one solution fits all does not work for the many components of this deformity. After Major Weight Loss, loose skin is usually a component of this deformity. You cannot see loose skin well on photographs. That is why I evolved my Standard Pictures for Male Chest and Loose Skin using gravity to show the hanging skin and flexing muscles to show just how low the areola / nipples are in relationship to the pectoral chest muscles. Videos are even more critical in showing how tissues move.

Male chest lift involves compromises. Seeing the degree of the problem and the quality of the surgical solution can be critical factors in picking a surgeon. This is sculpture, and it should look good living life, not just in a publication or sales pitch. Unfortunately, not all take the time to learn about such issues and I see many patients unhappy after surgery done elsewhere seeking revision to deal with residual contour problems. That is why it is so critical in understanding a surgeon's skills before the surgery.

Hope this helps,

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