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I was obese at 100kg and now am at 70kg. That is a great deal of weight that I lost. But now I have all of this excess and loose skin. I know I need a tummy tuck but my breasts still have extra fat and loose skin and I want a male breast reduction and lift. How much extra skin can be removed with this surgery?  Can the stomach and chest be done at the same time?
thank you

Congratulations on your weight loss!  Does it not feel much better with that weight off?  30kg = 66 pounds is an amazing amount of tissue.

After Major Weight Loss skin and supporting tissues retract only so much leaving sagging and drooping.  These are usually global factors affecting most regions of the body.  For men, the sagging chest is often the biggest concern.  However, there are often issues of the stomach, thighs, buttocks, arms, and more.  While a Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty can help with the front, a Lower Body Lift helps deal with the stomach, thighs, and buttock sagging. 

Combining the operations in one setting increases risks. It becomes a very long surgery. Safe amounts of tumescent solution require that lower amounts be used for chest and tumescent tummy tuck, meaning patients just do not have the same comfort and recovery as those for who I can use my full strength tumescent.

Check out the amazing comfort of my Tumescent Tummy Tuck Surgery. Most of my patients tell me that just plain Tylenol is enough for their comfort after this extensive surgery. That is just remarkable, but it happens in patient, after patient.

My tummy tuck patients tend to use their upper body / arms to get about. My Chest Lift patients use their stomach muscles to get out of bed. Knock out both sets and discomfort after surgery escalates and patients tend to stay in bed increasing risks of clots in legs.

I prefer to stage the lower surgery first and then let the skin equilibrate. Then perform the chest lift. Check out the recovery and comfort of my separate sculptures and then compare that to surgeons' combination operations. Those doctors tend to not show the early after surgery photos nor discuss pain medication needs.

Low Nipples Do Not Look Good on the Male Chest. Unless this excess tissue is removed, the excess skin can contribute to a contour problem and fold. You can see early results after surgery that addresses the skin problem on my website. 

Excess Skin of the Male Chest with Gynecomastia comes in various degrees.  Here are my Standard Pictures for Evaluating Extra Skin on the Male Chest.

Weight loss and surgical sculpture is a series of compromises. What suites any one individual will vary.  Ideal sequence that I recommend my patients:

  • Get to a weight you are comfortable living with.
  • Let the skin adjust as much as it will. It can take from 6 to 18 months for skin equilibration after a gastric bypass and major weight loss.
  • Consider Tightening Lower Tissues First. There is little sense to lift the chest and then have a tummy tuck, lower the chest result, requiring a revision chest lift.
  • Then Address the Chest.
  • Use No Surgery Body Shaping Garments as emotional support not to rush the process.

The difference between skin reduction on the chest and stomach, is that the lower tummy tuck scar is well hidden in modest clothing. The chest scars remain visible and minimizing these scars is the essence of the craft for this region.

For some patients, my small incision skin reduction chest lift is an option.  This eliminates the unnatural very obvious unnatural vertical scar.  For smaller problems, I have evolved my Internal Lift Male Mastopexy Surgery that has even smaller scars.  My internal lift is not suitable when the excess skin is a major contributing factor for the deformity.  A Male Donut Mastopexy when pushed too far will leave a star burst deformity that detracts from the result. That is why picking your surgeon carefully can be so important.

Yes, scars are a compromise.  We need some place to remove the excess skin.  The shorter the scars, the less skin that is removed. 

Options are best explored during an evaluation.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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Hmmm, just seems like a lot of risk from the esthetic point of view.

I'd guess the patient would want to see how one works out before starting the next... if nothing else for concerns of symmetry.