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There are amazing forces pulling the skin trying to make an areola nipple reduction big again. Even a permanent buried suture cannot predictably keep a certain size. Some increase until the forces stabilize is inevitable. Without such internal support Massive Nipple Areola Size Complication looks terrible.

Good results can be seen with bilateral (both sides) Revision Donut Mastopexy Areola Reduction Surgery. Both sides can then look similar.

Taking a normal side to "balance" the breasts is not a good idea. There is also a great deal of surgeon skill needed for this operation. Wide irregular scars on one side just are not the best option. Most male nipple areola will naturally shrink with the gynecomastia surgery. Leaving a little loose skin is often a much better compromise than having a terrible result.

Before having one sided donut mastopexy in a male, look for that surgeons before and after surgery pictures demonstrating they can offer a benefit before having surgery.

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