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Hello I’m 16 and not too long ago both my nipples were inverted. Over a long period of time one has stopped being inverted and the other has become less so, at my age is there still a chance that the other may become normal too ?

There are many possible Causes for Nipple Inversion. The breast connects to the surface nipple through ducts. What may have been inverted before breast growth, may no longer remain inverted as breast glands enlarge with puberty or pregnancy. That is why it is so critical to have a stable situation before considering any possible surgical options.

At you age this is something you need to discuss with your parents. If they agree, then setting up an evaluation with a plastic surgeon to learn about nipple inversion may be an option. However, if the surgeon recommends inverted nipple surgery for a young woman who is still growing her breasts, my suggestion is run the other way! Patience is the first step in this process until the issue has stabilized.

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Re: Inverted Nipple Forum - 16 Year Old Used to have 2 Inverted, Now Only One
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My friend also has invverted nipples. Well, at first she refused thinking about surgery, but recently she have had an operation. She read many comments on this topic ---, so she was pretty ready for the consequences.
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