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I recently saw a patient in my office considering male breast reduction surgery. He had seen another surgeon and was reportedly told he "was an ideal candidate" for gynecomastia surgery. This patient had a Keloid scar on his chest, in the same zone as any male breast reduction surgery would take place. He did not know how he had developed the bad scar and does not remember a cut. He had several other poor scars on his body, and some others that were not so bad.

What amazes me is what surgeon would call someone who had a Keloid scar in the same field for possible surgery an ideal candidate? I have seen horrible scars on unhappy patients after elective male breast reduction surgery done elsewhere. The scar deformities were quite obvious and much more a contour and visible issue than the original surgery. Although Scar Care and Second Stage After Gynecomastia Surgery Compression Garments can help. No Keloid forming patient should, in my opinion, be called an "ideal candidate," they carry a significant risk for any elective surgery or any cut for that matter.

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