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Puffy Nipple Gynecomastia Forum - What are puffy nipples?
« on: March 19, 2011, 10:04:08 AM »
I have a nice looking chest except for my nips. No matter how much weight I lose they still stick out. When wearing a tight shirt, I am embarrassed with the pointed nipples. I have heard the term puffy nips. What are puffy nipples?

"Puffy Nipples" is a common public term for gynecomastia. Such projection in its many forms tends to poke through clothing.

The problem is the the term puffy nipples is a phrase that mean so many different things to so many different people.  Words just do not convey the actual problem very well - images do a little better, but still are not the same as an actual in office evaluation with your doctor.  This Gynecomastia Picture Gallery of Puffy Nipples begins to show some of the various problems patients have called "puffy."

Putting up pictures (using standard views for considering problems for revision surgery) and putting up photos of the original problem and at each stage is one way to discuss what the problem was before surgery and what has happened.   Options depend on what is really going on.

Let us try to look what I mean by the problem of the words only descriptions.  "Large nips", "puffy nipples," "puffed nipples,"  and "puffy nips" are a common terms many give to a problem that extends to the region about the areola.   The nipple is actually the central raised structure inside the pigmented areola.

"Puffed nipples" can be a problem for some that involves long nipples above the areola where nipple reduction alone helps.

"Puffy Nipps" can be a problem behind the areola that can take many forms.  The deformity is usually a varying combination of fat and gland.  The gland can be firm or soft, spread through fat, or be a condensed mass.  There is a thin muscle under the areola skin that can flatten tissue when stimulated. Unfortunately it is impractical to keep stimulating these muscles.

In many of these patients with "puffy nipples," there was no firm tissue under the areola, just fat and soft gland.  Here is one example of puffy nipples in a muscular male.  Here is another example of   puffed nipples.  Here is another patient with puffy nipple gynecomastia.

"Puffy Nipples" can also be a combination of gynecomastia and big nipples.

Let's check the Anatomy of Puffy Nipples. In the problem of revision surgery, the deforming tissues can be skin (long nipple), residual gland, scar tissue, or a combination.

Here is one example how Revision Surgery Can Help Residual Puffy Nipples. Here is another example of Revision Gynecomastia Surgery.

Revision Gynecomastia Surgery can help with such contour deformities but is an art form.  I perform many revision surgeries, but rarely on one of my own patients.  Primary surgery should be able to manage most such problems.  I prefer my Dynamic Technique that adapts to the problem found during surgery to minimize such issues as residual deformity after surgery.

However, there sometimes is an issue of realistic expectations. There are limitations to what any surgeon can offer.

Such issues are best explored during a consultation with full details of the original problem, what has been done to date, and the nature of the current problem.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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