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I am male but have inverted nipples that I have always had. When I touch my nipples, they can come out, but after a short time they go back in. Why do my nipples go in?

Inverted Nipple Grade comes in different degrees. The thin muscle under the areola, when stimulated is designed to present the nipple for breast feeding in mammals, both male and female. As you can see in these drawings of the Anatomy of Inverted Nipples, when relaxed, the tethering forces pull the skin in. In higher grades of inverted nipples, they never come out. When stimulated in lesser degrees of nipple inversion, the skin muscles can flatten the nipple. That is why my targeting the gland and tethering forces first with my Dynamic Technique works so well for Men with Nipple Inversion as a component of their deformity. My Fat Flaps then can be used to fill a void. For the many cases of inverted nipples I have treated in men, the success rate has been 100%.

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