Author Topic: Female to Male FTM Top Surgery - Combining Pectoral Implants & Making Male Chest  (Read 7095 times)

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My name is -, I'm trans-gender (female to male)  I have been looking at several websites because I am ready to have top surgery.  I like your work, I was wondering if you have done pectoral implants when performing either the Double Incision Breast Reduction (double incision method) or Peri-areolar Breast Reduction (keyhole method).  I really would love to have the pectoral implant done also.  Please email me back with your comments, because I am anxious to complete this stage of my transition.


Sorry, I do not offer pectoral implants, I do not like the way they look on animation. Years ago I became interested in how tissue moves. We are so much more that what a sill picture show us. How tissues look when living life, flexing muscles, lifting arms up overhead, playing ball, swimming, and other activities are all part of the body's sculpture. Pectoral implants just do not look like muscle, they do not move like muscle, flex like muscle. I have never liked the nasty deformities I saw of other doctors' patients. If the technique works so well, then the doctors offering it should be able to demonstrate that with videos. Check out my Standard Videos to Document the Male Chest, Gynecomastia, and Deformities. Such video documentation will show issues if they exist. Beyond that is how they feel. Now ribcage deformity implants are a different matter. They are for deformities of a more static nature. However, in that case taking a deep breath would be the animation factor.

So if wanting to make something that looks like bigger muscles, bodybuilding and making bigger muscle tissues is the best method, not something that sometimes looks OK in a few selected still photos.

Thank you, we do see many patients from around the world who prefer my techniques. If interested in learning more about what we offer, Jane is my office manager.  She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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