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Hi, I wanted to get an estimate of how much it would cost for Liposuction and Tumescent Suction Lipectomy surgery for a female age 20, 240 Jlm pounds. I just want to take from mid section. I just want a estimate.

Cost of Liposuction depends on what needs to be done.

Not sure what you are asking about "240 Jim pounds." But if you are asking about liposuction for weight loss issues, it does not work that way. Liposuction is not an alternative to losing weight. Fat is often located inside the belly where sticking the cannula can result in severe injury and death. If you are referring to something else, Jane is my office manager and can better discuss typical costs and fees.  She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

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Re: Liposuction Forum - Estimate Cost for Liposuction at 240 Pounds
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2012, 04:42:00 AM »
Hello! The liposuction cost [nofollow] varies and depends on many factors! One of them is how much fat would you remove but this is not the most important.. the demand on the service of the surgeon you will choose is an important factor, the place where your lipo will take place is another and so on!