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My name is - and I have been reviewing your web site for a few months now.  I had a breast reduction with implants Fall of 09.  When I had that procedure the doctor explained that my inverted nipples would possibly come out on their own due to swelling and  the procedure itself...but  they did not.  I have a grade 3 on the left and a questionable grade 2 on the right.  If I were able to have the surgery would it be $2800 to have both corrected or would that be a different price based on the grade of inversion.  It is something I would love to have fixed ASAP but I have to plan ahead and have my finances in order well in advance.  Any information would greatly be appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

The tethering forces that pull on the Inverted Nipple Anatomy can often be changed with breast growth, such as puberty and pregnancy. Some surgery, such as Female Breast Reduction, can also change those forces. If the change is due to swelling of surgery, the effect is usually temporary.

Grade 3 Nipple Inversion means the nipples never come out and duct division is usually needed. Without dividing the ducts, Surgery to Fix Inverted Nipples failure rate is 100%. Cost of Inverted Nipple Surgery depends on the problem to be treated.

Sorry once someone has breast implants in place, we do not offer breast surgery options in my practice.

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