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Can I Have a Tummy Tuck with Sinus Allergies?

Environmental allergies are not a major issue with tummy tuck surgery itself, it is the sedation, nasal drainage, and anesthesia that are factors. When allergies are not under control and there are a great deal of drainage or blockage, elective surgery of any form can be an increased risk. Just as laying on your back with congestion can be uncomfortable, just how do you think you will be after several hours of anesthesia during a tummy tuck?  The drainage dripping down a sedated airway can cause obstruction.

If the seasonal allergies are under good control with avoidance or most medications, then that is a different matter. Sinus issues with infection is not safe for any elective surgery. I listen to my patients' chest before surgery. Wheezing or obstruction are grounds for canceling my elective surgery even though my patients are done under local with heavy sedation. Safety must come first. Learn more about Tumescent Anesthesia and Tummy Tuck Surgery.

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