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I recently had male mastopexy  surgery and i got sick yesterday and threw up will this affect  my overall results

Vomiting can cause a great strain of the chest wall. Although the primary muscles affected are of the stomach, the chest is involved as anyone can attest after violent episodes of what is sore. Recent surgery can be delicate as tissues are healing. That is why we work so hard to minimize such risks for our patients and left general anesthesia for this a very long time ago. There is an Art to Plastic Surgery Anesthesia, and we use local with heavy sedation. Beyond that, people can get sick. For my patients, I prefer to have extra redundancy in my repair techniques as well as use Male Compression After Gynecomastia Garments for their support.

Even so, I would want any of my patients calling me immediately for such questions or concerns so I could help. Your own doctor is most familiar with the original problem, what was done, and after surgery protection in place. Have you called your own doctor?

Hope this helps,

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