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Dear Dr. Bermant,
Thank you for having this forum and for allowing a personal question/answer format.
I am considering breast reduction surgery and have found a lot of information on the web about the procedures, pre op, post op, etc., but not really any answer to my question – maybe because it’s embarrassing for some people to ask.
I’m wondering about the likelihood of losing sexual feelings in my nipples after the procedure.  I’m not quite as large-chested as many of the women you probably see (I’m 5’, weigh 134 lbs and am a 36D), so I don’t think I would need to have my nipples completely removed and repositioned, from what I’ve read.  However, they would need to be moved up, as you know.  What are the chances that I will retain (or regain) sensitivity in the nipples after surgery?  Children and breast feeding are not an issue for me in the future, if that makes a difference.

There are many possible Complications of Female Breast Reduction. Sensation to the nipple and areola region are a possible issue. How much feeling remains in theses tissues depends on the problem to be treated, surgical technique, variations of anatomy such as just where the nerves are for that breast, skill of the surgeon, and many other factors. Loss of sensation is more of a risk in a massive breast reduction where a greater amount of tissue is folded to reduce the skin envelope. Free nipple grafts do not have great sensation. When the nipples are removed and then replaced, some sensation will return, most will be lost. That is why I prefer not to use that method.

Although I caution all of my patients about such risks, my patients typically tell me that they have normal feeling after surgery. Check out the Videos of Patient Experiences with Breast Reduction Surgery to see how tissues look, move, and hear patient experiences with the technique.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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