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Good Afternoon,
I just have a general question. I have had the Gastric Bypass surgery and it was almost 7 years ago.  I went from BUSTING out of a plus size 32 to a 14/16, I have lost close to 300 pounds and I look like a melted version of my former obese self. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. The problem is that at this point,  I am not in a financial position to pay for the body lift. It is too much money and my credit history is not optimum, which are the requirements for a loan for the surgery. I have done a ton of research and I cannot come up with any solutions. I work really hard to make myself look good,  the problem is I just don’t get any smaller, just saggier. Are you able to steer me towards any options? I am just tired of changing my life for no reason. I am no longer happy and cheerful, I am just bitter and feel defeated. I would like to finally feel good, look good and be proud of all the hard work I have done. I wish they had the “extreme makeovers” for people like myself.  If you can give me any type of information, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you for your time,

Congratulations on that weight loss! That is an amazing amount of weight to lose! Don't you feel much better with that weight off of your body? The main reason for the weight loss is being able to live a longer life. All of that fat is a health hazard.

Unfortunately, weight loss has its compromises: Loose Skin After Weight Loss is often the most dramatic and many parts of the body can be an issue to different degrees. Surgery for this can get expensive.

I no longer offer body lift surgery, my practice has further specialized.

Training programs sometimes offer discounts, but then there are young surgeons learning how to perform the operation. Finding good resources for free or lower priced surgery can be difficult to impossible. That is one reason I worked on another temporizing option: Body Shaping Garments which will hide and stabilize the excess tissues while being worn. They are not a replacement for the surgery but, what I like to call, and emotional band-aide. Check out Female Body Shaping Garments and for the male weight loss individual: Body Contouring Clothing for Men.

You should be proud of your achievements. Again congratulations on the weight loss. This forum was designed to give individuals like yourself a support forum and place to discuss issues.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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