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Painless Abdominoplasty, Is There Such a Thing? My girlfriend just had a tummy tuck and she was miserable. She had a medication pump with numbing medication, but she still needed her pain meds for 3 weeks after surgery. This scares me, I do not want that much discomfort.

I have answered a similar question here in this forum:

What is it like after tummy tuck surgery? How much pain? How soon can I get around? Why do so many patients posting on other forums complain about this being so uncomfortable? What is different about your surgery Dr. Bermant that your patients seem to have a different experience?

Historically, a tummy tuck has been a painful operation with swelling, bruising, and slower recovery. So much so that few surgeons show early after surgery pictures or how patients move after surgery. The literature is filled with methods like pain pumps, local anesthesia catheters, and a consumption of a good deal of pain medication to keep the patient comfortable. I asked why were my Liposuction patients so comfortable, yet tummy tucks not? Over the next decade I evolved my Tumescent Tummy Tuck under local with heavy sedation which incorporated the anesthesia of liposuction into the Tummy Tuck.

Through a careful documentation of the patients before, during, and after surgery with a progression of early healing I was able to show the advantages of this technique. My patients are all given a strong pain medication, but most tell me that Tylenol alone is more than enough to keep them comfortable Learn more about this Comfort After Tummy Tuck and then listen to the patients talk about their Tummy Tuck Recovery Experiences. Carefully listen to both the words and the expression in their voices when asked about discomfort and getting about after surgery.

Recovery After Tummy Tuck surgery radically changed with my Tumescent Technique. Patients are up and about quickly. There are no pain pumps nor anesthetic catheters. Watch the videos showing them moving and bending to see for your self. Listen to what they were doing with activities when after surgery to see what I mean. Then, try to find similar documentation after other surgery techniques. Look for bruising, swelling, and movement. Try to find examples of the emotion behind the recovery!

My goal in such web documentation is to have my patients tell me that their experiences with me was as good or better. To see the ultimate in muscle recovery check out this series of Belly Dancer Tummy Tuck Surgery Experiences Videos. There is over 30 minutes of careful documentation of this patient's stories about her surgery and getting back to what she loved, her belly dancing. This Video of Belly Dancer Muscle Recovery was an unusual lucky event recording the recovery of her stomach muscles for dancing.

Although I prescribe a strong pain medication for each of my patients, patients typically tell me that plain Tylenol is enough to manage their discomfort.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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