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I really do not like the way I look after gynecomastia surgery. When I flex my muscles, there is a dent that gets deeper under my nipples. The depression is there when I relax, but it is not that bad. I am 2 and a half weeks after surgery and can still feel scar tissue. Is this going to go away? I need to have a natural looking chest since I plan on competing in  bodybuilding.

2 1/2 weeks is too early to tell what final results will look like. Tissues will evolve after any surgery. Different techniques evolve in different ways.

Standard After Gynecomastia Surgery Pictures can better demonstrate subtle issues after surgery. Flexing and moving the arms tend to show off issues of the sculpture, how good, or possible defects. That is why I include them as part of my documentation, evaluation of my patients, and progression of my after surgery sculpture on my website.

Surface tissue held down to deeper tissues can look terrible on animation. Gynecomastia Movies are even more critical in showing the details of the problem. Here is one such example of Movies Showing Tissue Evolution After Revision Gynecomastia Surgery. That defect was too much tissue left behind, but the progression of healing demonstrates the issue (although on a more complex case). Here is a more complex crater after failed operations by two other surgeons: Crater Deformity Revision After Failed Gynecomastia Surgery showing tissue adhesion issues. The still picture arrays before and after surgery show the issue from different angles, but the video is even more revealing. There are many other such examples on my site.

Crater Deformity Complications come in many different degrees. If the distortion is one of just early healing, after surgery care, Compression Garments After Male Chest Surgery, and Scar Care may help. Each doctor has his / her own protocol for after surgery.

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