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I do not like my loose skin after 2 kids. I would love to avoid the scars of a tummy tuck. One doctor I went to locally says she can take care of the loose skin with liposuction alone. I do not have much fat to lose. She showed me a few patient pictures but I am not convinced. Can I avoid the tuck and just get liposuction?

Liposuction is great for localized fat. It does not help tighten skin any more than weight loss will tighten skin. What is loose to begin with, will remain loose after the liposuction. Standing still pictures alone do not show loose skin issues well. Videos are much more critical in evaluating bouncing tissues. Bending over also lets gravity pull on the excess. If a particular technique works well for tightening skin, a doctor making that claim should be able to show proof and examples like these Before and After Tummy Tuck Videos. These Standard Pictures For Tummy Tuck are the best method I have come up with to date to document loose skin issues with photos alone. The videos are much more critical in the demonstration of problem and solution of loose skin issues. To date, I have yet to see liposuction satisfactorily tighten skin alone. It becomes a tool of refinement for my Tummy Tuck sculpture.

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