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Tummy Tuck Forum - Tummy Tuck with Back Lift
« on: April 12, 2011, 09:17:15 AM »
I am planning on having a tummy tuck (w/side lipo) and a breast lift in a few weeks. I am contemplating asking about a back lift at the same time. My back skin is not loose like my belly but I do have a roll of extra skin continuing all the way around. Is this too much surgery for one operation?

After Weight Loss the loose skin tends to be a more global issue affecting many different parts of the body. After Pregnancy the problem is usually more restricted to the front of the body.

The name for the operation that continues the loose skin sculpture of a tummy tuck around the back is called a Lower Body Lift. This is a decision that you need to work out with your surgeon. It is not a black and white issue but a compromise of degrees of loose skin vs. extend of scar and surgical sculpture. That is why I use photographic views extending around the entire body and videos of patients turning to show the compromises each of my patients made for their surgery.

I am no longer offering body lift surgery, my practice has further specialized.

Some doctors combine Breast Lift with tummy tuck or lower body lift. I do not. I prefer to separate the two regions for 2 different reasons. My Tumescent Tummy Tuck under local with heavy sedation has an amazing comfort level after surgery. Going back to the old general anesthesia less comfortable recovery is not something I am willing to have patients experience. There is a limit how much of the tumescent fluid can be safely injected. I was able to do this for both tummy tucks and lower body lifts. Adding the breast region would be too much. The second reason, is that my lower body sculpture patients use their arms to get about. My breast patients use their belly muscles to sit up. Knock both out, and the patient is much less comfortable and slows recovery.

Using our standard picture resources in the floating bar below to put up photos to show other forum visitors to make photos can help others better understand the extent of your loose skin problems.

Hope this helps,

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