Author Topic: Lower Body Lift Forum - I am 69 & very active, is this too old for a body lift?  (Read 5990 times)

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what age is too old for a body lift.  I'm 69 and very active and try to look my best. I had a face lift in 1986 and a forehead lift in 1994 and chemical peel in 1986 and liposuction of my abdomen in 2000 and now at least one more time i'd like a good surgeon to do a body lift. And maybe that will do me.

Sorry, my practice has further evolved and I am no longer offering this procedure.

It is not age that is the main factor for the safety of this operation, but the medical health of the patient. This can be an extended surgery and medical clearance at that age should be a requirement for any safe surgeon. For my Tumescent Lower Body Lift, there would also need to be the cardiac clearance for the larger amounts of adrenaline used during this surgery. Beyond that, how well someone gets about is an important factor since the Recovery After Body Lift can stress the individual. Pick your surgeon carefully. Ask about complication rates with this surgery at at your age. If they try to rush you into the OR, run the other way, safety first!

Posting Standard Body Lift Pictures can help others better understand your concerns.

Hope this helps,

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