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How soon after gyno surgery can I get back to the gym to start working out?

Recovery After Gynecomastia Surgery depends on the original problem, what is done, how much damage the surgery creates, skill of the surgeon, After Surgery Compression, aftercare, and many other factors. Bigger operations like Male Mastopexy Chest Lift are more extensive, and longer to recover than a typical gynecomastia surgery. Revision Gynecomastia Surgery is often more complex and difficult with a longer recovery than primary surgery. That is why those sections are split off from my gynecomastia surgery to demonstrate such issues and collect the various types to better see differences. Even variations in the degree of gynecomastia can change recovery.

The more Bruising and Swelling After Gynecomastia Surgery, the greater the injury of the surgery, the slower the recovery, the longer the return to activities. My patients typically have minimal bruising and swelling. The swelling peaks in the operating room and typically decreases after as documented on my examples. What little swelling / bruising gradually then diminishes over time.

My patients are typically back to light activity the day after surgery. That means using a keyboard is fine, walking around is fine. Lifting the arms or bouncing is too much. I advise my patients, it is like recovering from a sprain. You cannot effectively put a time period on such an injury, but instead gradually phase back into it. Imagine telling someone with a sprain that they will be good to go in x days or y weeks!

Comfort after Gynecomastia Surgery is another factor. If there is enough discomfort or need major pain medication, then not working makes perfect sense. Although we give our patients a prescription for strong pain medication, they tell me that plain Tylenol alone is more than enough. When they achieve this typical comfort many are able to return to work or drive long distances the next day after surgery.

What you see on my examples are typical for my patients. Each surgeon has his / her own methods and what you see in my examples are typical for my patients. For other doctors, often you need to search forums to find early after surgery examples.

Hope this helps,

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