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Will I need stitches removed after surgery?

Each doctor has his / her own techniques and methods. I prefer several different types of dissolvable sutures followed by tape support for the wound and areola structures shape for the skin sculpture of my male chest contouring surgery. The variation provides for different strength and how fast they tend to dissolve. I am looking for the best possible scar and convenience for my patients who are traveling from so far away. Permanent sutures need to be removed in a timely fashion or there are very unnatural hatch marks. When that permanent suture has been removed, it no longer provides any holding power.

The permanent sutures take more time, finesse, and skill to place. The exception in my office is for drains where I use a permanent suture that is removed when the drain comes out. There is another exception. I use some permanent sutures for other specific needs.

Superficial permanent sutures are essential in Donut Mastopexy Big Areola Reducing Skin Suture to keep the forces at bay from pulling the nipple out to a larger diameter. I also use some permanent sutures when sculpting deeper SMAS superficial Fascia Suspension layer described by Dr. Lockwood for his Body Lift Surgery. For Male Mastopexyy, when resuspending the chest, there also can be great forces at play in the deeper layers. I use a soft deep permanent suture when this force becomes a factor for better long term results. The more superficial layers are closed in dissolvable sutures. These permanent sutures either for the Donut mastopexy and deeper tissue suspensions should rarely need to be removed.

I see many patients for Revision Gynecomastia Surgery unhappy after surgery done elsewhere. Many did have permanent sutures that had to be removed. Quite a few of these had the bad hatch marks making the revision surgery more complex to remove the wider scar. So this answer is surgeon dependent.

Hope this helps,

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