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When can I return to my job?

To return to work and activities someone needs to be able to think clearly, not be in pain, not be further injuring healing structures.  This depends on the original problem, what was done during surgery, skill of your surgeon, after surgery care, Compression Garments, what you do at work, and many other factors.

To work effectively, you need to be comfortable and not taking strong pain medications. Comfort after Gynecomastia Surgery is something I have concentrated on for years. Although I prescribe a strong pain medication, my patients tell me that plain Tylenol alone is enough to keep them comfortable.

Surgery is a form of controlled injury. I describe to my patients that my surgery is like recovering from a sprain. How soon you recover from any injury depends on how much you have been injured. What you see on these Swelling and Bruising After Gynecomastia Surgery Pictures is typical for my patients. Most doctors do not show the progression of healing. To see what they offer, frequently you need to search through forums to see what patients post about early after surgery pictures. More swelling and bruising means more injury and slower healing.

What you need to do at work is also a factor. For my patients walking around is easy the day of surgery. Bouncing about and use of the pectoral muscles, like lifting arms up overhead, irritates healing tissues. Working on a keyboard the day of surgery is no issue. But putting your arms up to get something out of the upper compartment on a jet is stretching the sculpture.

Comfort is nature's way of saying what can be done and cannot. By minimizing injury and not needing pain medications, your actions can now be a guide to what you can do. So if your work needs you for your brain, my patients are back to their tasks the day after surgery. If you need your brawn, just like with any sprain, you cannot push yourself. In bodybuilding no pain no gain. In healing, ignore the pain, and you will hurt the healing. So for may patients at work, I suggest that they ease into the activity. Try it and see what your body says. The perfect surgery has peak swelling in the operating room and decreasing gradually thereafter. New injury and there will be new swelling.

Take your time to explore my patient experiences on our old static boards on the right floating menu below. Remember, this recovery is typical for my patients. To learn what any specific other doctor's methods will give, look for pictures of the recovery or patients telling of their experiences. Look for as much documentation as possible.

Hope this helps,

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