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I have gyno and do not like my chest. Do I need drains and how long do they need to stay after surgery?

Drains after Surgery are tubes that remove excess fluid. This is critical when there is a great deal of damage done to tissues. Drains tend to increase discomfort after surgery, have an increased risk of infection, and require a separate incision scar.

I prefer techniques that have an extremely low chance of needing such drainage. Ideal surgery has minimal Discomfort After Gynecomastia Surgery and Bruising / Swelling After Male Breast Reduction Surgery. I tend to need drains for my gynecomastia surgery patients about once a year to once every 2 years. Each drain placed for my male chest sculpture is considered an issue and is critically evaluated to better understand why that patient became an exception to the norm.

Drains can be difficult to manage from a distance. Unfortunately, how long a drain needs to remain can vary depending on the drainage. Since my patients travel from around the world, it was an issue we targeted early in my practice for their convenience, safety, and comfort.

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