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I can feel firm tissue does this mean I have gyno?

Gyno is slang for Gynecomastia or women like breasts on a male. This is a contour problem. If it looks like a female chest, it is gynecomastia by definition. The Anatomy of Gynecomastia will consist of gland fat and skin. Firm tissue alone without a contour problem is not gynecomastia.

All male mammals will have gland, it is a function of being a mammal. Examination of the Male Chest alone is not enough to determine if tissue is fat or gland. Although gland tends to be firm and fat soft, gland can be soft and fat firm.

If the contour says female and the tissue is soft or mostly fat, it is still gynecomastia. Galen first coined the term. Although he was aware of the gland, he was describing the fat breast. Pseudogynecomastia is a terrible term that has no real value.

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