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I had b/l reduction mammoplasty 3 months ago for mild to moderate gynecomastia, with drains kept in place,
removed 3 days after the operation. The problem is, I look exactly the same as I did pre-operatively. The surgeon told me that there are "organizing hematomas" underneath, which should re-absorb over time. This doesn't make sense to me. How can you cut out tissue from under the skin and then have the outer appearance look exactly the same as it did before having it cut out? Is this guy a moron?

Hematoma complications after gynecomastia surgery or a collection of blood is in itself an additional injury the body must heal itself from. The body must dissolve the blood and then absorb all of the products. This process extends the recovery process from swelling and bruising. The additional time can range from weeks to months. Eventually, the resorption process stops.

Sometimes the remaining elements become a contributing component for the Residual Puffy Nipple Complication I named for the many patients coming to me unhappy with surgery done elsewhere. This contour may yet resolve. When it does not then revision surgery becomes an option. My Standard After Gynecomastia Pictures methodology was developed to demonstrate and document such issues after surgery. Follow the instructions carefully if you want others to better understand your concerns.

Although there hematoma do tend to improve, many just do not. It is a question of just how much someone is willing to accept deformity after surgery. Replacing a small amount of gland with a similar or larger volume of scar from resolved hematoma is not a success story. Unfortunately I see many patients unhappy after surgery done elsewhere with such deformities after surgery that are quite visible in person or with the standard documentation I just described.

The best way to deal with hematoma is not to have them in the first place. Something that is best approached for a passion to minimize bruising, bleeding, and swelling after surgery. My photographic documentation of my patients' progression of healing after surgery has permitted me to analyze my techniques and evolve them over the years such that hematomas are quite rare in my practice, but they can happen. Although no doctor can promise no risk for this complication, lowering the chances are a reasonable and achievable goal.

The main point is how much Bruising with Gynecomastia Surgery can be minimized by methodology. Examples shown are typical for my patients. You can see many other examples on my site. Less bruising means less swelling and can translate to a faster recovery. Not all doctors show how their methods evolve after surgery. Sometimes you can get a glimpse on a forum like this.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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