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After Gastric Bypass Surgery, is there any difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 Garments?

After Tummy Tuck Compression Garments stabilize healing tissues to minimize swelling, discomfort, and bruising after surgery. The same principle applies for Lower Body Lift Surgery. Both finish surgery with a body missing the massive extra flesh and loose skin. After Gastric Bypass Surgery, the body still is distorted by massive folds of fat and skin making garment fitting sometimes quite difficult in particular for standard size garments. Designs are available for both women compression and compression garments for men. Different leg lengths permit stabilization of tissues of the leg which can vary depending on the surgery performed.

The Stage 1 garments tend to have zippers for easier access and less disruption of healing tissues. Stage 2 garments do not have the zippers and can be much more difficult to put on and take off. For the patient who is still contending with the folds of extra flesh, the zippered garment seems to be preferred for easier access. Those who do not have difficulty with getting in and out of these binding garments, the lack of zipper can be appealing since this structure can show through clothing and is one more item to press against the skin. Second stage garments can have more panel fabric compression in some models.

We also have found that something in between a valuable asset in recovery. The garment extending up to the breast becomes less important during healing. Pressure on the lower scars and belly button can still be done with a shorter garment. This TRAM Flap Girdle for women is one such in between garment permitting easy access early in recovery and yet no longer putting pressure all the way up to the breasts after that compression is not needed. The question then becomes if to have the zipper or not and just how long the garment extends down. Some rather a real brief to wear shorts. Others wearing a dress, rather longer garments that do not have a seam to show through.

I prefer to fit each of my own patients for the specific sculpture.

Hope this helps,

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