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Nasal Fracture Board - Timing to Fix Broken Nose
« on: May 13, 2011, 07:40:44 PM »
Dr. Bermant,
I had a bad fall in March I went face down on a hard stone street, apparently I had broken my nose in 3 places.  Not knowing that it is not consequential not to have a broken nose fixed, I went to see an Otorinolarigologyst  I was so surprised that he was not too worry the way my face looked, my deviated septum, or that I had fractured me nose in 3 places and asked “Do you like your nose the way it looks?” Confused, I said no! that is not what my nose looked like before I fell.
I decided to get a second opinion and found a Dr. who had face reconstruction in his credentials, because I thought that was what I needed. Not until I started doing research on broken noses (that is how I found your email) and the consequences of not fixing them is that I found, that nose bones do not need to be fixed, that it is not like any other bone that when broken they put a splinter or cast to get it to heal correctly.
Now, that my Dr. submitted the request to my insurance with a Rhinoplasty for diagnosis, of course the insurance reject it. I can believe that the bad trauma I had is considered a cosmetic procedure. I am considering writing a letter of appeal, but with all the information I just read, I feel that my nose will just have to be crooked and that I will just have to adapt to  the fact that I can’t stand my glasses sitting on the bridge of my nose because it feels like a 1000lbs .
Thank you,

I am no longer offering treatment for nasal fracture nor rhinoplasty. My practice has evolved with further specialization. You can see my Rhinoplasty section has need of updating to my more modern format for the rest of my site.

Nasal Fractures can deform both the shape of the nose and block the airway. Nasal Fracture Deformities can come in different degrees. When I was treating this problem, I preferred to correct the deformity immediately before the swelling set in or shortly after the swelling went down. This involved usually a closed reduction and splinting of the nose and sometimes the septum. Rarely it involved Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of the nasal fracture. . In my opinion, the earliest intervention is what helped minimize the deformity.

Even with reduction, some nasal deformities still occurred. These then were managed with Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty for Bent Nose or one of many other possible variations.

Living with a deformed nose can be difficult. Sorry, I am not able to advise about insurance issues.

This forum was built so the public had a place to express themselves, post pictures of their problems, share problems, and solutions. The lower navigation section is still in the format of the generic site and will be brought up to date with rhinoplasty and nasal fracture specific resources as time permits. But for that matter, the rest of those resources will also need work.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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