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How long do I have to wear the after surgery compression garment?

I prefer to individually advise my patients how long they will need their compression. One time period does not fit all cases.

Compression Vests After Gynecomastia Surgery do minimize swelling and bruising. They can also protect tissue during activities. How long after surgery they are needed depends on the original problem, what was done, after surgery care, and many other factors. If the chest still swells after removal of the vest, I call this Stage 1: the chest is still benefiting from the garment's protective nature. Pushing healing tissues too soon too far can also result in new damage and swelling. Stage 2 compression is for the scars. Scars that heal under pressure do much better than scars without pressure. Wearing compression garments beyond the protective phase can really improve the final result.

The Stage 1 Compression Garment is for protecting tissues. The adjustable garment better suits this purpose since it is easier to get on and off. Stage 2 Compression Garments can really help with the scars. Scars that evolve under pressure do much better than scars that do not have pressure on them. This double layer garment does a better job of compression but is too dangerous to wear after surgery. Continuing pressure until scars have evolved puts a patient at the best advantage for the best scars.

Swelling After Gynecomastia Surgery really depends on the doctor's technique. Some methods cause much more tissue damage and destruction with prolonged swelling and bruising. The progression seen on my site are typical for my patients. With ideal surgery, there is not much swelling and bruising to begin with and the peak is in the operating room decreasing thereafter. That is the advantage of checking any doctor's progression pictures, seeing how their patients evolve after surgery can be a guide to how long your tissues will remain that way.

Hope this helps,

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