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I'm planning to get my ears pinned back in a few months (I am still thinking about it though, because I need more information) and I wanted to know if it was possible to get your ears pierced (I'm contemplating a tragus piercing) after an otoplasty. I'm guessing your ears must be extra sensitive and painful after the operation, so how long should you wait before getting a ear piercing ? Or is it safer not to "modify" your ears anymore, given they are retouched - therefore not completely "natural" ?
Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer me, I would really appreciate it
Yours truly

Piercing has been done for thousands of years and the look is a personal choice. Some of my patients have told me that they had used piercings to compensate for ear deformity. If that is a factor, waiting to see what the new shape ear is like to live with is a better choice than planning that type of modification as part of surgery.

Recovery After Otoplasty, such as pain and discomfort, depend on the problem to be treated, what is done, skill of the surgeon, and many other factors. Sensation to the tragus is usually not a factor except right after surgery, the typical numbing process during surgery also blocks sensation to that region also. So just like any nerve recovery, tissue can be sensitive as the body recovers from the anesthesia. This is different than the recovery of nerves involved in the otoplasty sculpture itself. Those structures where the nerve may have been injured, can be numb or with diminished sensation until the nerves recover. Theoretically someone could use this numbness to get their piercings done, but this is putting recent surgery at risk for infection.

Some otoplasty surgery requires the use of permanent sutures to hold the shape of the ear. Piercings done near this suture material puts it at risk for infection and possibly needing removal. Modification of the ear after surgery also puts the shape of the ear at risk. This is the same risk you take on an ear that has not had surgery. So surgery does not lessen this risk, and yes, piercings does increase risks after otoplasty.

Hope this helps,

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