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I am only 2 weeks after surgery and still have puffy nipples just like before. How do I tell the difference between swelling and gland left behind?

The time line for nipple being flat after surgery is technique and after care dependent. I typically do not stop my operations until I have achieved the contour goals and limitations set out before surgery. The results are immediate as you can see in the many examples posted of early after surgery progression such as these Pictures of healing and recovery after gynecomastia surgery.  There are many other examples on my site.

The contour right after surgery can also be obscured by the Swelling And Bruising After Gynecomastia Surgery. For my patients, this is also typically minimal. Peak swelling is in the operating room. To achieve this contour optimization requires certain surgical techniques and After Surgery Compression Garments. Some brands are just woefully inadequate resulting in much more swelling and bruising. Certain brands in my opinion are not satisfactory for me to achieve the results I have shown. I prefer to vary the timing for this compression based on the problem I am sculpting. However, I break this down into Stage 1 and Stage 2 compression. Lightweight compression does not help with scars as well as these Second Stage Compression Vests.

Puffy Nipple Complication after Gynecomastia Surgery can also be due to how the surgery was done beyond swelling issues. In this case, once swelling goes down the residual contour problem will remain.

Each doctor has his / her own techniques and how that method evolves over time varies. The results I document for my patients of course do not apply to other methods. How your tissues should progress, are best understood by seeing examples of your surgeon's work.

Hope this helps,

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