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I am fat but do not care about my belly or fat on the rest of my body. Can surgery fix my breasts?

Global body fat obscures the contour of muscles and the body.  If you do not like the way the fat looks on the breast but have that issue as part of the general body shape, Compromise Gynecomastia Surgery is not the best first step.

Male Body Fat tends to collect first on the chest and belly and comes off those areas last.  Have you ever seen a Sumo wrestler without breasts?  Plastic Surgery is not an alternative to losing weight.  Contouring an overweight body chest tends to leave about the same body fat layer as is located elsewhere.  When those areas are also thick with fat, there will still be a breast shape left after compromise surgery. The breasts may be smaller, but there will still be breasts.

Weight loss first is a better option. Weight loss is a coarse tool, you cannot pick where the fat comes from. Do the surgery first and you are gambling. If you then lose weight, and it comes off in the typical male way last on the breast, you will look like the gynecomastia has returned.  As a surgical sculptor, I prefer picking the coarse tool first, then the one of refinement.

Hope this helps,

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