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I just had surgery and see no change, I still have puffy nipples. My surgeon says this is just swelling and will go away if I am patient. Is he just covering himself?

I have seen so many patients complaining about contour issues after gynecomastia surgery done elsewhere that I coined the term Puffy Nipple Complication and published resources describing what I found during my revision surgery on these patients. It has examples of what I found.

Just how much of the residual problem is swelling, gland, or fat will depend on many factors. Not all surgeons use the same techniques. With some methods of surgery there is just so much swelling and tissue injury, that the contour can take months to reveal itself. I prefer techniques with much less swelling and bruising after male breast reduction. I do not finish my sculpture until I have achieved my Gynecomastia Surgery Result Goal Contour on the operating table.

The pictures of my swelling after surgery that I post on my site is typical for my patients. The problem becomes with another doctor's techniques when they do not include what their patients look like shortly after surgery. Only show before and after views without the path and the result is patient anxiety not knowing what their results should look like. If one of my patients did not look like what I have shown, I would be concerned.

So in your case what will happen? If your doctor says it is swelling and will go away, why does not that doctor put such images up for patients to better understand the progression they are to expect? That in my opinion, is a valid question and be a good tool to lower patient anxiety.

Are the answers here on the forum from other patients saying their swelling did go away a good enough resource to depend on? What has happened for any one individual is an interesting question. The real answer would be in a complete Standard After Gynecomastia Surgery Pictures set. Gynecomastia Video Documentation would be even better showing how the tissues moved.

That with the sequence of tissue evolution photos would be a great set of proof that they did indeed achieve such a contour.

For some a doctor's verbal reassurance is more than enough. Yet I have seen patients here in my office that did not agree with their doctor and came in for my evaluation. My documentation of such issues is on my site, and some of what doctors were supposedly telling these patients was fine, to me looked horrible! Check out this example of Crater Deformity After Revision Surgery Done in New York. Take a look at how select still photos can almost look good for before and after. As soon as you check how it looks when flexing, the deformity shows up. The still images are bad enough, but take the time to watch the video. Yet the patient claimed he was told that the results were good?

Others grow accustomed to the deformity and accept less. Yet, others have unrealistic goals and have issues to things that are beyond what surgery can offer.

That is why to validate contour issues, I evolved my picture documentation and chest wall measurements. Remove the subjective from the analysis for actual proof was the best I was able to come up with.

Hope this helps,

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