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Can I get a discount or free surgery if I go online to praise the doctor and help build the practice?

Testimonials that are associated with discounts, free, or other services are explicitly banned by the Plastic Surgery Societies as a breach of medical ethics. Now not all doctors belong to such societies with ethical guidelines. But what is the quality of the surgery that is offered by that doctor? And even more important, why do they not belong to a society that is trying to protect the public from bad medical practices?

I have rejected requests to put my face in front of the public in this program or that publication in return for free or discounted services. Such publications are also breaches of medical ethics. However, I had been approached by some offering to build my practice with testimonials that I rejected only to see that individual's results and advocating another doctor's work. Did that individual actually get that discount or free surgery? That I do not know. So although there are rules in place, there are all degrees of what actual doctors may practice. I would be careful of any such physician. Surgeons who I found such issues also seem to be represented by quite a few unhappy patients who have asked me for help with revision surgery. When someone cuts corners, the question becomes what other corners are cut.

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