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What discounts are available to let residents and doctors in training practice on me?

Some training programs offer Resident's Clinic where doctors in training get a chance to learn their craft. Some of these clinics offer subsidized lower prices for surgery. The surgery should be done under the supervision of an experienced staff member. Every doctor needs to start out somewhere. The question are:

What will the results look like?
You have an unknown here. There may be no collection of what that doctor's skills to draw from. It is a gamble. This is an art form and not all doctors have the same skills. I have had a hard time finding examples of what quality of work a program offers. That type of documentation would be comforting if it truly represents typical results any patient can achieve. Perhaps finding such before and after surgery pictures is not shown because of the variable nature of what is actually achieved in such a setting?

Will Looking At Results of a Clinic Represent What I Will Get?
Each doctor has his or her own skills. A group representation of a result cannot accurately reflect what any one individual will achieve. That is like going to a museum finding a master sculpture and assuming any work from that schools of sculpting will be the same caliber.

What sort of supervision will there be?
For some, the experienced surgeon is scrubbed in participating in every detail. In other situations, the doctor is in the room carefully watching each step. In other cases, that surgeon is available if needed. In any case the attending has the ultimate responsibility of the outcome.

Will the Same Doctor Be With Me Through Out My Care?
This varies, but many clinics are staffed by more than one teacher and in some cases the before surgery care, operation, and after surgery care may be managed by different members.

How Much Will I be Saving?
This varies from program to program. However, if you need revisions, you may need to pay more, take more time off from work and other activities. In some cases the results need revision. The next question is what will be the costs for the Revision Gynecomastia Surgery and do you trust the same system to do it again? Some problems may not have reasonable options for revision. Revision surgery can be much more expensive. Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery can go well beyond that first operation. How often do patients done in this setting need revision work?

Unfortunately, I have seen unhappy patients from misadventures from training programs. In reviewing operative reports sometimes I become fascinated how there could be 5 or 6 surgeon assistants for a gynecomastia surgery. There is no way you can fit that many bodies around a patient for this surgery. Some of the patients I have revised told me they regretted having attempted to save money going to a training program. However, I do not get the opportunity to see the success stories.

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