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Today I saw a picture of another Crater Deformity complication after bad gynecomastia surgery despite efforts to educate the individual to be careful about surgeon selection. Prevention is so much better than needing revision surgery.

The individual claims his surgeon said that all gynecomastia surgery results look like this. That made me quite sad. Either he misunderstood the doctor or we have another example of someone who should not be performing male breast reduction surgery. If the result indeed are what that surgeon offers, that surgeon should be made to use such contours for their patient education or website. I personally know I would never go to a surgeon who thought such results were good or typical.

Gamble or Deception?
If the patient did not ask to see examples, then it is that individuals mistake of not being more careful. The older question asked before surgery was what should anyone expect from surgery. My answer then was, what you are shown and demonstrated. You should expect your surgery to be something close to what you can see that doctor achieve by examples. No examples, you are taking a gamble. If the examples shown are not close to the results then either it was a complication (a risk of any surgery) or what? Is deception too strong a word? What type of doctor did the surgery? What societies did that surgeon belong to?  What are their ethical guidelines for patient education?

I am getting frustrated as my career nears its end with the results of my attempts at public education, building resources to help learn, and setting up forums such as this to explore issues. I do not know the details of that patient's experience, but it saddens me to see something preventable happen anyway.

Hope this helps,

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