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I had gotten a tummy tuck .The problem is i have dog ears ,the scar is so awful and my navel is not centered.Im ashamed to take my clothes off.The way he performed the surgery i was too tight in the front so now I have a flat stomach with muffin tops on the sides or what my kids call flappers.I actually look great in my clothes ,but i wanna be able to go to the beach with out the fear of my scars.=

The problem of loose skin can extend around the body. When the sculpture does not continue around the entire body such as in a Lower Body Lift, there has to be a transition zone between what has been sculpted and not sculpted.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Refinement is designed to manage this transition zone. When not done well, or the wrong surgery was chosen for someone needing a more extended operation, flaps of redundant skin can exist to different degrees. This deformity is called a dog ear, and indeed can look bad.

Scars are not just surface issues, but also can include how tissues move. All wounds heal with a scar. The tummy tuck wound extends throughout the surgical region the surface and deeper structures sculpted.

That is why I developed my Standard Tummy Tuck Pictures to document the problem and sculpture around the entire body. Tummy Tuck Videos are even more critical of global issues.

Recentering a belly button can be difficult or a compromise. When there is enough tissues above to completely redo the belly button, it is an option. Otherwise the deeper tissues need to be rebalanced and a surface scar can look worse than leaving the unbalanced belly button.

Revision Tummy Tuck is an option for some. This is best determined after an evaluation. Checking a surgeon's skills for revision tuck is more critical than the original operation since this can be quite difficult. Look for actual examples of that doctor's work before considering. Check our resource on How to Pick A Tummy Tuck Surgeon to understand the issues.

I am retiring 8/31/11 and do not have any more available Tummy Tuck operating time. This forum and its resources was designed to be a meeting place for those with these concerns with tools to learn, share, and help others.

Consider joining our group to discuss your experiences and post your Tummy Tuck Pictures so others can better understand your concerns. Let me know if you join and I can waive our minimum post number requirement for posting images.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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