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Hi Michael Bermant MD,

I have always admired the work you do. I heard you are retiring in August, I am sad to hear that because I need a surgery like the one here on my right ear. I finally had a job to start saving up money and it will take me about six months to get seven thousands dollars for the surgery. Do you have anyone that can do such a great job as you do with Otoplasty? Please help me with any information you have.

Thank You,

I have always enjoyed working on the Constricted or Cup Ear Otoplasty. It is an elegant demanding solution to an interesting variation of human ear contour. We still have surgery time available before retirement, but if that does not fit your schedule, I have tried to build resources such as this forum. Eventually I plan to add a how to pick your otoplasty surgeon section in addition to what I have done so far. I have already completed this work in some of the other sections here, but this is a monster project.

The basic issue is look for real examples of a surgeon's work. If they do something well, they should be able to demonstrate such success with before and after surgery pictures. No pictures and you are gambling.

You are welcome to join our group, post pictures, and hopefully "If you build it, they will come" may apply here too. Others with similar concerns and surgeons with a passion for a particular problem will find a common ground to help each other. I have built the resource for evaluating and posting Otoplasty Pictures

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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