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hey, I had gyno surgery a few years ago. 1st i had to have my glands removed to have a biopsy...then a year later i had 2 small lunps so i had em removed...but i told doc that i didnt like how my chest looked now, so he took out the two lumps and then did lipo to smooth it out. I want to show u some pics..and u give me your opinion. one side looks good and the other has a crease under the nipple. he said that its because of the huge scar i have on my chest (from a murdercycle accident a long time ago) and I had scar tissure in my chest. i do have a slight outline of where he scooped out my glands i guess...but he said that over time will go and the bigger my chest gets the better it will look. ..sorry message is so long, i tried to sum it up best i can. tell me what kind of pics you need to see.

Deformity of the chest can be from gland, scars, fat, and skin. There can be one or multiple contributions to each component such as trauma, surgery, multiple operations, healing, and many other factors. Revision surgery can often improve the contour.

You are welcome to join our forum, share your concerns by posting images here. I can answer generic issues on a forum, but specific issues need a more formal process where we can learn more before offering advice.

We are glad to help patients explore their concerns during a consultation or our Preliminary Remote Discussion where after filling out forms and sending us photos, we are able to have a discussion by telephone to minimize travel to Virginia. Jane is my office manager and can explain the process.  She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Scars can never be erased. Scar revision can sometimes improve the previous scar.

Scar Revision Forum - Revising Gynecomastia Surgery Scars is another discussion on this topic. The method is a combination of judgement, technique, skill of the surgeon, after surgery care, Scar Care, After Surgery Compression Garments, and other factors. Scars that evolve under pressure tend to do much better than without. That is why I use a Second Stage Compression Garment to push the envelope and minimize my patients' scars.

Hope this helps,

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