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I had ptosis surg 10 days ago and am suffering from double vision now.  My surg. stated he has never seen this complication.  Also my other eye was far more bruised than the surgical eye.  He also stated he has never seen this before either.  He placed me on a prednisone taper over 6 days.  It has been 4 days with no difference noted.  How concerned should I be?
Have you heard of this complication?
I bought an eye patch so I can function.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Sorry, my practice has further evolved and I am no longer offering this procedure nor specific advice.

There are several possible mechanisms for double vision after Eyelid Ptosis Surgery depending on the problem treated, what was done, complications, and many other factors.

Swelling above the eye can displace the globe down. This can occur to different degrees from something the is barely there to a dangerous amount of pressure requiring emergency surgery to relieve.

Injury to tissues can include the muscles for moving the eye. If these muscles are injured or swollen, double vision also can occur.

When vision is only marginally stable, it can take less of a disruptive force to create an annoying imbalance of double vision. Sometimes that double vision is only when looking up or down. Sometimes that double vision problem expands to looking straight ahead.

No, I do not remember having had that complication for my ptosis surgery, but saw many examples for my facial trauma cases with facial fractures especially of the orbital bones.

A great tool I used for swelling for my eyelid surgery patients was the Swiss Therapy Gel Eye Mask to provide cooling and relief when swelling was a factor. We really minimized swelling issues with that awesome tool.

This is something best discussed with your surgeon or someone you see for a second opinion.

Hope this helps,

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