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Dear Dr Bermant
Request for help for overfolded ear complication after otoplasty done elsewhere traveling from other side of the world asking about use of rib cartilage and my retirement.

Details of request removed at request of sender.

The Overfolded Ear Complication of Otoplasty can be quite difficult to repair. Options depend on the original problem, what was done, healing, and many other factors.

Revision Otoplasty becomes an option when there are over correcting forces to release or there is some spacer to push out scarred cartilage. For my practice coming to a close and the fickle nature of rib cartilage changing shape over time, that is not surgery I am willing to offer at this late date.

Rib cartilage tends to bend over time. It can act as a spacer, but by its nature will be firmer than the normal ear. This is a function of compromise. The overfolded ears need something to push, but the pushing will add a thicker structure than normal ear cartilage. The result can look good, but is more rigid. Look for pictures of that doctor's technique. Unfortunately, that does not give the feel of the ear, how it folds and bends. We do not have any good methods to demonstrate that compromise.

However, this forum was built as a place for to show Otoplasty Pictures, discuss concerns, and hopefully attract surgeons with a passion like I had to address this deformity. I also have new resources just added on How to Pick Your Otoplasty Surgeon.

Perhaps over time, the field of ear surgery will advance and others can use this forum to stimulate such evolution.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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