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Dear Doctor,

I read the remarkable story of the TG individual who turned back (thanks to you) before undergoing GRS. Unfortunately, I was less fortunate and underwent breast implants, FFS and GRS. I've lost everything. Family, friends, my wife of more than 30 years and my career. I used my life's savings to transition from male to female and now live on life's margins.

While I have very limited financial means now, and also know that you're retiring this fall, do you know anyone who can help me re-transition to my male  role? I can't restore my male genitals. But the breasts are my major barrier to living in the male social role. There are tons of people who help push transgendered people along the pathway toward GRS, but my Goggle and other searches have not revealed anyone before I read the letter on your website,who can help those of us who made a drastic mistake  re-transition to our genetic gender role. I know I'll never be perfect. But at least by removing the breast implants, I can pass well enough to get back to living.

Is there anyone that you could suggest to help me?


Thank you for your kind words.

Yes, that letter of Transgender Female To Male Experiences was a powerful statement. There can be a great deal of emotion involved with Transgender Surgery Male to Female and back to Male considerations. Although minimized with careful screening, no system is perfect and people can and do change their minds. People should never be pushed to transgender surgery. If you know of such examples, this forum is a place I designed to permit such issues and experiences be discussed and explored.

Chest Binders Body Shaping Garments are a spectacular temporizing contour option providing immediate results, as long as wearing a garment. It is a tool to help individual not rush into making a decision before converting from Female To Male.

It would be neat to add such a resource showing temporizing options for Male to Female, but that is something I did not offer. However, if someone wants to provide the images, I will consider adding that resource to my site. Many have told me that the demonstration of the garment permitted them time to consider if they wanted to take the next step for surgery. But I am digressing...

FTM Top Surgery is a subspecialty of male chest contouring. Picking someone to offer this surgery uses the same criteria I added in this resource on How To Pick a Gynecomastia Surgeon. In addition there should be specific examples of Female to Male Transgender sculpture and the surgeon should demonstrate experience / sensitivity to the issues that the transgender population experience.

Transgender Links is another resource. There are sites that offer tools for the public to rate transgender surgeons. This tool can be valuable when combined with the selecting surgeon resource mentioned as well as our Evaluating Gynecomastia Pictures. Unfortunately, what some surgeons offer even with high public ratings, does not look as good when using such critical evaluation of pictures / video analysis.

Please consider joining our group and help evolve these tools and resources. This section has its own Floating Toolbar of resources. Yes, I am retiring. This forum that couples to my encyclopedia and other resources is my attempt to plant the seed of evolving education, experiences, and helping with emotions beyond the time of my actual practice.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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