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I was searching online for surgens and your name popped up.. I wet to your website to and noticed you are just what i needed I like your other patiant have been living as a womwn for ten years or more and didn't think of the long term effects it would have on me physically and mentally. I want to return to living my life as a male.I need to find out more imformation because i live in Atlanta,Ga and want to have this done at the start of thee new year OR SOONER! Can you get back to me with the costs or a round about figure for the male breast reduction as well and the side to side liposuction (Hip area).

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

There can be a great deal of Emotion of Living With Breasts for Men, both for gynecomastia and those transitioning Female to Male either genetically starting as a XX or Transgendered XY. This Transgender Surgery Experiences Video MTFTM male to female to male is right on target.

Sorry, the process of education, evaluation, and surgery no longer fit with my announced retirement 8/31/11 for us to help with the actual surgery. My practice required a better understanding of each of my patients making such choices before considering surgical intervention. However, this forum and resources were designed to act as a meeting ground for those with these concerns and physicians with a passion to help.

Female to Male Top Surgery Forum - Transgender Male to Female back to Male demonstrates how this forum can be useful to help explore such issues with resources where to look next. I may be retiring but these tools can be a seed to something bigger permitting others to take it to the next level.

Cost of Revision Top Surgery and Gynecomastia Contouring depend on the problem and varies around the world. However, this is an art form and not all surgeons have the same skills nor even show complete details about how their results move and look like in real life. Basing this operation on cost alone can result in even more expenses if the surgery needs to be done yet again.

Liposuction of the hip area during gynecomastia surgery can be an option. However, for the FTM, underlying endocrine issues if present need stabilization first.

Chest Binder Body Shaping Garments are a spectacular temporizing option for those needing stabilization and or time to better understand their options.

Some still want my advice even if I can longer offer surgical options. If interested, Jane is my office manager.  She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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