Author Topic: Appointment with Dr. Bermant re Gynecomastia Revision Surgery  (Read 6165 times)

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Hello everybody,

I had a consultation appointment with Dr. Bermant last week and I wanted to share my experiences with everyone--particularly those who are interested in pursuing the type of surgery I discussed with him. I underwent bilateral gynecomastia surgery in Toronto sometime in August 2009. Last week I discussed the possibility of revision surgery with Dr. Bermant, and I’m happy to share my experiences here.

To minimize expenses for my trip last week, I drove from Toronto to Buffalo and flew into Richmond from Buffalo’s International Airport. I returned to Buffalo the same day. I chose to visit Dr. Bermant for a regular consultation, as opposed to a remote discussion, because I knew that still pictures weren’t the most revealing way to view and consider my problem. It turned out to be a good decision. Dr. Bermant performed a very thorough examination of my problem, much more detailed and meticulous then my original doctor. He performed an extensive examination of all the local resources around my chest. He also measured quite a few things and asked me to stand, flex and raise my arms in numerous positions to see how the problem reacts and changes in animation.

After taking several photos, Dr. Bermant spent quite a long time discussing the nature of my problem and all my options going forward. He explained that the original doctor had taken out too much fat in the original surgery and, as a result, I had a noticeable crater deformity that was much more visible on one side as opposed to the other. Unfortunately, my options for revision surgery are limited as I recently had a cortisone injection administered into the nipple areas to loosen up the limited amount of scar tissues that were present. The real and most apparent concern was not the scar tissues, but rather the crater deformities, which ultimately means that the cortisone injections were not the appropriate choice my doctor selected for me (hopefully this serves as advice for future patients not to consider their original doctor who gave them the problem in the first place). The cortisone substance I received was a type of steroid, which complicates options for near future surgery and renders it less predictable.

Dr. Bermant proceeded to discuss my options at great length. He explained how the procedure could work, possible non surgical options and a host of other factors relating to gynecomastia revision surgery. He told me that as a result of the injections, I would ideally have to wait longer for the surgery. Of course he also reminded me that he was retiring and so he wasn’t convinced that it was the best option for me. Although he seemed confident in his ability to improve the appearance of my chest, he concluded that he wasn’t ready to offer me the surgery and that he would have to think about it further.

I was very impressed by his professional and candid responses. I’ve done a lot of research on these issues, and after visiting Dr. Bermant it confirmed my expectation that he is extremely gifted, knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. In our appointment, I remember thinking that this surgeon had perfected his techniques so well--a quality that seemed missing from conventional plastic surgeons offering gynecomastia surgery—that future doctors would definitely one day take notice and revise their own techniques.

Take this advice from someone who firmly regrets not choosing Dr. Bermant for their original surgery: don’t bargain on your appearance and permanently butcher your chest. If you’re considering gynecomastia surgery, choose him now before his well deserved retirement, and not the other local surgeon with very limited experience in gyne surgery. I sincerely and genuinely hope Dr. Bermant decides to take me on as a patient before he retires. While there are of course bigger problems in life then the appearance of one’s chest, I feel that if I don’t get this surgery done then I’ll probably always regret it. I’m also quite young—so I consider the cost as something completely irrelevant in the grande scheme of things. While I have realistic expectations because of the cortisone injections, I’m also very confident that if Dr. Bermant decides to operate, he’ll do everything in his power to improve my condition and likely achieve that result.

Thanks for the appointment Dr. Bermant. If there are patients reading this I hope you found it helpful! You should know that my situation is unique, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but know that it's better to get something done right from the start instead of gambling with your body and jumping into something less certain.

edit: Dr. Bermant if this wasn't the right location to post this, please feel free to move it.